About us

30-storey A+ class Azure Business Center has been created for businessmen who keep abreast of the times and combine active life and business activity.

Azure Business Center’s building resembling a sailing-ship due to its architectural appearance is a symbol of success and achievements in the beginning of business activity.

30-stotey A class Business center distinguishing with its continence and quality criteria is a high status indicator of every company that will be a lessee of this super-modern premises managed with professionalism. At present 60% of the premises have already been realized – it means that it is well known among the main players of commercial real estate market in Baku city.

We offer you the leasing or purchasing the completely repaired rooms with 67.4-1250 square meters. The leasing term is from 11 months to 7 years.

High demand of the potential lessees for those areas is based on some important factors, including but not limited to:

The location of the premises

A beautiful view opening to the centre of the city and the sea

Existence of a number of shopping, as well as entertainment premises, including cafes, restaurants, MegaFun – the largest family entertainment center in Europe.

Location plan of the offices

The location of Azure Business Center is an ideal spot for carrying out business activity and holding business meetings.

Azure Business Center locating in the centre of Baku city and at the same time far from the noise of the capital, in the environmental friendly part opening to the Caspian Sea and having convenient way to all directions of the city guarantees a maximum comfort conditions for business activity.

This center equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies has 200 offices and multilevel parking area.

Favorable conditions

Everything has been considered  in Azure Business Center for efficient business activity -   separate entrance, multilevel 2000-place parking area, centralized ventilation, cooling / heating systems, uninterrupted supply and filtration of  hot and cold water, pools for drinkable and technical water resources, power generators, energy efficiency system, high-speed Internet, cable TV, household services centers, etc.

Business Center has been equipped with panoramic load and passenger elevators manufactured by OTIS firm which is a leading one in the world and these elevators take the passengers from one floor to next one.


Safety and Fire Protection   

If the main factor of residential quality at Azure Residence complex is convenient, protection and welfare are the other important components as well. All areas of the complex are securely protected.

All territory of the shopping center is safely protected. The internal and external safety systems equipped with the latest technical equipment and warning signals and video observation system operating with 24 per day guarantee safety in the territory.

Fire protection system, smoke detector, fire warning system and fire fighting equipment has been installed in all apartments and areas of the Residence.

High-pressure water pumps considered for force-majeure circumstances are in good conditions are ready for operation within 24 hours per day.